The Metrics of Migrative Leadership

Published August 17, 2020


Complex ThinkingLeading Yourself

Most people with influence survive by living within their element—staying in their zone, doing what they do—talking to people like them, who think like them, who vote like them, who dress like them, who walk like them, who talk like them. Moving away from this space feels vulnerable because you might not have the power and the influence that you have when you are on your own turf. Bishop T.D. Jakes helps you learn to migrate your thinking. To navigate your current, rapidly changing world and the conundrum in which you find yourself, you can no longer ignore the people you can’t understand or control. This talk will help you learn specific ways to step into vulnerability with confidence, courage and openness—it will take liquidity of thought and nimbleness of mind to be a leader who has migrative thinking.