Pressure Reveals

Published April 23, 2020

We each experience pressure uniquely…

One of my first conversations as we began living within social distancing was with a Global Leadership Summit host site leader and pastor whose church was launching a small group campaign in response to coronavirus. This team saw forthcoming needs stemming from isolation and immediately recruited 30 new small group leaders to offer community in the face of isolation. The best characteristics of their team were being revealed. A dominant thought has been with me since that conversation—pressure reveals.

During Holy Week we saw pressure reveal.

Under pressure, Peter denied Jesus three times, revealing fear.

Under pressure, Pilot released Barabbas instead of Jesus, revealing insecurity.

Under pressure Judas returned the silver, revealing regret.

Under the greatest pressure, Jesus sweat blood, revealing passion.

Then under pressure, Jesus remained silent, revealing surrender.

We can all affirm this is a season of pressure.

We each experience pressure uniquely, given our current life circumstances: guiding our kids’ online education, caring for aging parents remotely, relational strain from being in constant close proximity or relational strain from being in constant distance. The pressure we experience can be a gift when we are attentive to what the pressure reveals.

Panic struck me—and God met me.

Three weeks ago, panic struck me as our family ate the final tortilla in the house. Knowing the grocery shelves were void of tortillas, I immediately started unfolding a story in my head that lead to running out of food. Remembering that pressure reveals, I paused and asked what this line of thinking revealed. Fear.

The pressure we experience can be a gift when we are attentive to what the pressure reveals.

Taking the moment to receive the gift of what pressure revealed, I stopped to pray, focusing on truth. “God, you know my needs. You care for me more than the birds of the air and flowers of the field. You have provided abundantly and will continue to provide.” Immediately the panic left me and was replaced by faith. The pressure revealed and served as a gift. If I’m honest, I don’t like all that is revealed within me during this pressing time. Yet, when I’ve paused for moments of self-awareness, God has met me every time.

Today, we have the gift of pressure.

Seize this season of pressing, by being attentive to what is revealed. What strength is revealed that can be deployed? What sin tendency is revealed that can be confessed? What weakness is revealed that can be quarantined? The current pressure presents us with focused opportunities to grow. Experience the gift.

About the Author
Dave Bushnell

Dave Bushnell

US Field Team Director

Global Leadership Network

After 19 years as a local church pastor, Dave Bushnell is now a US Field Team Director for Global Leadership Network, growing the GLS across 13 Western states. He traces his most impactful GLS moment back to the prompting he and his wife, Karen received at a GLS to expand their family from two children to five through international adoption.